Easy, fun Easter activities for kids

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Easter is a holiday when many arts, crafts and activities take place among children. Classrooms and homes are filled with projects that include bunny, egg, and flower themes. If you are searching for fun and easy Easter activities for kids, there are an abundance of projects and games from which to choose. When choosing your activities, take into account the age group you are working with as well as their skill level. Choosing age appropriate activities in line with kids' skill levels will make them all the more enjoyable.


Give kids a word search or crossword made up of Easter-related words and terms. This is fun for all ages. For younger kids in pre-kindergarten and early elementary school, a simple colouring sheet with an Easter theme is always a welcome activity.


Play Pin the Tail on the Bunn" by modifying the traditional Pin the Tail on the Donkey game and replace the donkey with a bunny. For older children in grades four and up, who may not be excited by hard-boiled eggs anymore, conduct an Easter egg money hunt by filling plastic eggs with money and hiding them for kids to find. Something that's fun for all ages is an Easter bunny hop contest which includes each person hopping toward the finish line with a plastic or styrofoam egg between their legs.


Try face painting for kids of all ages as your Easter art activity. Draw small Easter bunnies on cheeks or paint an entire bunny mask over your whole face.


Make a paper plate Easter crown with early elementary age kids by cutting four slits into the bottom of the plate forming a star shape. The slits should be about an inch from the edge of the plate. Bend the triangles formed by the slits up and glue cut out flowers or Easter egg shapes to the tops of them. A craft that can be enjoyed by kids any age is painting wooden rabbits, eggs, crosses, flowers or other Easter-related wooden shapes.

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