The Best Proven Stock Market Software

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Ever since the Internet was started, advances have been made in stock market software. The software allows its users to monitor price movements and expected poor performance of companies easily. Good stock market software should contain stock accounting, stock administration, stock day trading, stock management, stock quotes, stock charting, stock market timing, stock analysis, stock control, stock evaluation, stock screening and a stock filter. Most stock software can be downloaded for free, and stock market software reviews also are available. Trying a free demonstration version of stock market software, if it is available, is beneficial before purchasing the software.

Investment Software

Stock market investment software allows investors to utilise some of the best investment strategies from successful investors such as Warren Buffet and Benjamin Graham. This kind of software is used before buying and selling stock. It keeps track of transactions to evaluate investment strategy and makes necessary improvements when its user actually places transactions.

Analysis Software

Stock market analysis software uses technical and fundamental analysis for companies' financial statements, business trends and general economic conditions. Fundamental analysis can be used to determine the a stock's value by determining basic financial data rather than market conditions. It determines earnings, dividends and sales of a company. Technical analysis uses charts to study and predict price fluctuations. Stock market charting software that shows various technical charts for mutual funds, indexes and stocks with technical indicators is available.

Timing Software

Stock market timing software uses technical indicators that alert the investor about stock value fluctuations. It details the best time to purchase or sell stock. Common indicators are the leading and lagging indicators. The higher the value, the higher the risk and the gain if the stock will be sold. Stock market timing software allows its user to maximise gains and minimise losses and provides alerts regarding stock market movement.

Manager Software

Stock market manager software allows its user to prioritise investment strategies and goals through a checklist. She can arrange investment strategies and goals with the program and can rebalance her stock portfolio. The software also provides the latest price of stocks.

Simulation Software

Stock market simulation software attempts to copy some or most of the stock market's features on a computer. Stock market simulators may be financial market simulators or fantasy simulators. Financial market simulators create a stock portfolio that is based on real stock data but with fantasy money. Fantasy simulators trade derivatives of real-world items that normally would not be included in a commodities or exchange market. Examples are television shows and movies.

Android Market Software

The Android platform and operating system was introduced in 2007 for cellphones. Android market software allows its users to access libraries through mobile devices. Stock-tracking applications in the Android market allow investors to monitor their favourite stocks and enable them to have a prediction of the market.


Good stock market software has many features. It identifies channel breakouts, generates high probability and mechanical buy/sell signals and controls its user's investment. It also forecasts new tops and bottoms with great accuracy, reveals trading trends for any time frame and controls its user's tendencies toward fear and greed.

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