The advantages of power flush toilets

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When you're choosing fixtures for your bathroom, you'll likely consider a range of factors that include both form and function. One of the considerations to make when choosing your toilet is the force of your flush. For most homeowners, standard flush toilets provide enough force to handle everyday use, but power flush toilets offer more flushing force by employing a forced air pump system.


The benefits offered by a power flush toilet are the result of the distinct way that the toilet forces water through the tank. In standard toilets, the water stored in the toilet tank releases into the bowl to create a siphon that draws water down through the plumbing pipes. Standard toilets rely on gravity to produce flush. Power flush toilets have a pressured tank that adds additional force into the flushing so that the bowl is emptied more quickly and forcefully.


The most obvious benefit of a power flush toilet is the additional flush power offered by the pressurised toilet tank. Most power flush toilets exert at least 30 per cent more power than standard flush toilets. The additional power is able to force waste through the toilet more effectively than standard toilets. Additional power is useful in high-traffic households or commercial businesses with public rest rooms.


One of the concerns regarding power flush toilets is wasted power and water. Most modern power flush toilets are equipped with two flushing buttons or levers. One lever uses the power flush mechanism, and the other lever operates using standard gravity flushing power. Dual-flush mechanisms allow you to determine when you need the extra power and when you do not, reducing the amount of wasted power and water.


Power flush toilets require less routine and professional maintenance than standard gravity toilets. The extra flushing power provided by power flush toilets reduces the frequency of clogs, saving you the time, cost and hassle of repairs or maintenance.


Like standard toilets, power flush toilets are available in a range of designs to suit your tastes, though the general trend is streamlined, modern designs. One of the aesthetic benefits that power flush toilets offer is reduced condensation on the toilet tank and bowl. The air used to force water through the bowl creates a barrier between the tank and the water, so tanks sweat significantly less than standard toilets.

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