The average salary of an exotic dancer

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An exotic dancer performs dance routines designed to stimulate erotic arousal in her intended audience members. Such dance routines may or may not involve the removal of the dancer's clothes. Forms of exotic dance include go-go, pole dancing and the dance of the seven veils. An individual exotic dancer's salary can vary dependent upon her employment circumstances.

Average Salary

In a survey published in January 2011, PayScale listed the average salary for an exotic dancer working in the United States as between £21,287 and £53,441, dependent upon bonuses received. This translates as a monthly income of between £1,773 and £4,453.

Salary by Experience

The January 2011 salary survey by PayScale also showed how wage expectations can change with time in the profession. It listed the average pay for a performer with between one and four years experience as £19,211 to £35,738. This rose to between £24,437 and £40,873 with five to nine years of experience.

Salary by Employer Type

There are two primary employment types for exotic dancers: working exclusively for a company (such as a nightclub or gentleman's club) and being self-employed, working freelance. PayScale listed companies as offering between £23,185 and £37,911 and self-employed dancers earning between £24,326 and £38,322.

Salary by Location

A third significant element influencing the salary an exotic dancer achieves in America is the location in which she works. Of the four states surveyed by PayScale, Texas offered the highest salary and the broadest range of average pay -- £18,395 to £47,612 -- closely followed by Florida -- £18,395 to £46,290. California paid £19,838 to £42,794, while Nevada, despite Las Vegas, had a salary range of only £25,161 to £31,742.

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