Pros & Cons of Owning a Prefabricated Mobile Home

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Prefabricated mobile homes are new, economical housing options that feature a unique set of advantages and disadvantages compared with traditionally constructed homes. Rather than being built on site, prefabricated homes are constructed in several large components in a factory, then are efficiently assembled on site.

Home buyers should weigh the pros and cons of owning a prefabricated mobile home before deciding to go with this unique option.

Cost Advantages

Prefabricated homes are generally less expensive to build than traditionally constructed houses. Factory manufacturing processes, the use of automation, the lower cost of fuel and the speed of assembly all serve to keep costs down across the board. Manufacturers of prefab mobile homes pass along their cost savings to home buyers, making this a more affordable option for families. In addition to the cost advantages of prefabricated homes, owning a home provides cost benefits over renting. Mortgage payments can often be lower than monthly rent payments, and paying on a mortgage leads to complete home ownership, where payments are no longer required.

Environmental Advantages

Prefabricated mobile homes generate less waste since building materials do not need to be cut to specification on-site. Standardised manufacturing processes can eliminate waste over time using methodologies like Six Sigma and Total Quality Management. Relying less on heavy machinery for construction tasks also reduces fuel use and the emission of air pollutants. Another distinct advantage of prefabricated homes is the reusability of the building components. Prefab mobile homes can be taken apart and salvaged for use in new homes in the future.

Resale Challenges

Mobile homes generally do not appreciate in value the way that traditionally constructed homes can. This can reduce the home's value as an investment, possibly causing homeowners to take a loss if they sell the home in the future. Prefabricated-home owners often must purchase the land that their homes will sit on, which is not the case with traditionally constructed houses in subdivisions and urban areas. This can present additional challenges if the owner wishes to sell the home, since they must sell the land as well.

Weather Concerns

Mobile homes and prefabricated homes both find themselves at a disadvantage in extreme weather conditions. Hurricanes, tornadoes and extreme winds can cause significant, possibly irreparable damage to prefab mobile homes. Consider the weather conditions in your community before choosing a prefab home, or if your heart is set on prefab, find property in an area that does not experience harsh weather conditions.