The Average Pay for a Domino's Delivery Driver

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Pizza delivery is not a high-status or high-pay career, but it does have its advantages, not the least of which is lots of pizza. Knowing your area like the back of your hand can be very beneficial to your tip income when delivering pizza; wrong turns will slow you down and make your work less efficient.


Average annual income for a Domino's pizza delivery driver is in the range of £11,700 to £12,350. This corresponds to an hourly wage of around £5 if the driver is working full time.

Highs and Lows

The annual income of a Domino's driver can range widely between £8,450 and £19,500. This fluctuation can be because of different wages paid in different geographic areas, levels of seniority and experience, and different benefits offered by different franchises. Domino's Pizza outlets are franchises, meaning that they are independent businesses that pay a fee to the Domino's corporation for use of the logo and operational assistance. Because each Domino's is technically an independent business, the experience of the people who work at Domino's can vary widely.


A good driver with superior people skills can substantially augment his income through the tips he receives from the people to whom he delivers the pizza. A driver who drives efficiently, moves quickly, and charms his customers can earn far more in tips than one who displays a lackadaisical attitude.


Some Domino's franchises provide delivery vehicles for their delivery people, while others require deliverers to use their own vehicles, and pay them per mile for their car use. Depending on the size and efficiency of the car that she is using, a delivery person can lose or make money by using her own car. A deliverer who has a very small, efficient car and keeps it tuned up for maximum performance could conceivably spend less running the car than she received in mileage payments from her job, thus increasing her income.

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