Can I stack my Bosch fridge & freezer?

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Domestic appliances are extremely useful but the number of them most people have in their homes nowadays can result in kitchen space issues. It is tempting to try to save space by being creative with the layout of domestic appliances. However, there may be good safety reasons for not stacking some domestic appliances.

Stacking kit

Bosch is aware of storage issues and supplies a stacking kit for some of their products, including their washing machines and tumble dryers. This allows you to safely stack the two units. However, as of July 2013, they do not sell a stacking kit for their fridges and freezers. The absence of an official stacking kit for Bosch fridges and freezers implies you should not stack these items.

Possible future developments

Bosch may introduce a stacking kit for their fridges and freezers in due course. Alternatively, other manufacturers may realise there is a gap in the market and begin making a universal stacking kit. Either way, it’s worth keeping a lookout for a suitable and safe stacking kit. In the case of a future universal stacking kit, carefully check the measurements of the kit before purchasing, to ensure it is a good fit for your Bosch units.


Pending the possible introduction of a stacking kit for Bosch fridges and freezers, there is a workaround. You can safely stand either a fridge or freezer below a worktop and the other unit on top of the worktop. Naturally, the worktop has to be securely fixed in place to ensure this is a safe option. Although they would not be stacked, they would be in a very similar configuration. This layout would be just as good in terms of saving space.

Other options

Another option is to sell your Bosch fridge and freezer and buy a combined fridge/freezer unit to replace them. This is the ultimate stacking system, in a way, because both items are safely encased in the same cabinet by the manufacturer. Alternatively, you might be able to house both units in a full height fridge/freezer cabinet yourself, such as the Suffolk by Kit Stone. Screwfix also sells a fridge/freezer cabinet, as do some other retailers.

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