I forgot my security question for my Yahoo Mail account

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Yahoo Mail has a number of security elements in place to help protect you information and account details. When you set up an account, you select a password that is the primary means of accessing your account. As an extra precaution, during the setup process, Yahoo prompts you to choose two security questions and provide answers that are personal to you. If you forget your security question answers, you can still access your account with other information supplied at the setup point.

Purpose of security questions

Your security questions and answers are a secondary form of identification for accessing your yahoo mail account. Your answer to the security question gives you access to your mail account if you forget your password.

Regain access

If you cannot remember either your password or the answer to your security question, you can still access your mail account. At the setup stage, Yahoo asked you to supply an alternative email account. At that time, details of your new Yahoo account may have been sent to it. On the Yahoo Mail sign-in screen, click on “I Cannot Access my Account” under the “Sign In” button. Click on “I have a problem with my password.” Enter your Yahoo ID and fill in the verification code. Click on “Next.”


Select “Send a message to my alternate email address.” Yahoo provides an encrypted version of the address they have on file so that you can identify to which email address the password will be sent. Enter the full address in the prompt box and click “Next.” A message with your password will be sent to your alternate email account. Log in to your alternate email account and open the message from Yahoo. Follow the links in the message from Yahoo Mail to access your account.


When you have regained access to your Yahoo account, change the security question and answer. Make the answer more memorable than your previous one. Click on the “Profile” tab and select “Account Info” from the drop-down menu. Enter your password to access your details. Click on “Update Password-reset Info.” Here you will see the alternative email address Yahoo used to give you access to your account. Under the heading “Secret Questions,” click on “Change Questions and Answers”. Choose two security questions from the menus or type in your own, then type in your answers. Click “Save.”

Question and answer rules

If you type your own security questions, each must be between 5 and 100 characters long. They can contain only letters and numbers, and must not include the answer. The answer must be between 4 and 32 characters long and can only contain letters and numbers. You cannot use the same questions and answers for both questions, and the answers cannot be the same, even if the questions are different.

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