Cures for pimples and spots in 24 Hours

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Sudden outbreaks of spots and pimples can occur for many reasons. Among them could be a change in the weather, something you've eaten, stress, sun exposure or medication. Annoyingly, they almost always happen before an important event, perhaps a date with a special person, or a party that you've been looking forward to. You don't have to keep an armoury of acne treatments in your bathroom cabinet; there are spot treatments around your home that will go some way towards clearing up the invaders within 24 hours.


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Toothpaste is an excellent local treatment for pimples as it contains sulfates. Look for a standard brand with low or no fluoride. Use a paste, rather than a gel, and dab a little on to the pimple. It's a good idea to do this about 15 minutes before going to bed. If it burns too much, wash it off. If you can, leave the toothpaste on overnight. Wash and rinse well in the morning. Don't spread toothpaste over large areas of skin as it could irritate and prevent the skin breathing.

Salt water

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Bathe skin with sea salt – use 2 tsp per cup of tepid water; make sure the salt has dissolved. Dip cotton wool or a cotton bud into the solution and apply to the spots. You could also try making a paste with fine sea salt and a little water. Apply to the affected area, leave for 30 minutes and rinse off. Don't use salt on your skin more than three times a week as it can be drying.

Lemon juice

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Lemon juice makes a good emergency treatment for spots. Use freshly squeezed lemon and a cotton bud. Lemon juice will fade acne scars over time, but be aware it will also lighten the skin itself, so don't apply too often.

Epsom salts

Make up a solution of 50g Epsom salts in 2 ltr warm water. Dip in a clean face cloth and lay it over your face while you relax for 10 minutes. It might be a good idea to do this while you have a bath, as you could also add some Epsom salts to the bathwater.

Tips to prevent recurrence of spots and pimples

Add plenty of garlic to your diet; it is sulphur-rich and will help to prevent spots. Chop up three cloves of raw garlic, sprinkle on salads and use in sandwiches through out the day. You don't have to eat all three at one time. You could see an improvement in as little as three days.

Wash your face twice a day with a mild soap to prevent a build-up of oils.

It is easier to clear up a spot before it really gets going, so be vigilant for redness and soreness that may herald the appearance of a new pimple.

Notice when your spots appear; there maybe a connection to certain foods or circumstances. Take steps to change to a healthier diet and have a few remedies on hand to deal with the outbreaks.

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