Worm-like bugs in a house

cockchafer image by Sergey Goruppa from Fotolia.com

Worm-like bugs in your house can be the larvae of any number of household pests, including insects and house-dwelling worms and spiders. These kinds of infestations are common in households and often go unnoticed.

Some of the more common household pests that are present as worm-like bugs are clothes moths, millipedes, flour beetles or weevils and fly larvae. Many household worm infestations can be controlled or eliminated with treatment and sanitation. You can get rid of many common pests using readily obtainable insecticide sprays or pesticides. Bigger infestations may require professional pest control measures.

Clothes Moths

The larvae of the clothes moth are among the most common worm-like bugs to be found in homes. The case-bearing clothes moth, Tinea pellionela, looks like a small, white worm in the larval stage. The larvae are easily recognized by their white case, which is made of silk and the items on which they feed. They feed on household debris, fabric, plants, vegetable matter and cereals. They are also able to digest keratin, hair and feathers. They are one of the most voracious types of household pests. They destroy clothes, carpet and furniture and are especially fond of natural fibres, rarely feeding on synthetic fibres.


Millipedes are another common type of worm-like household pest. Adult millipedes are dark, worm-like creatures with segmented bodies and at least 30 pairs of legs. Young millipedes are light-coloured and have very few pairs of legs. They are commonly mistaken for worms. Millipedes tend to live in dark, damp places, such as cracks in the house or in the bathroom. While they are not known to bite, their populations can grow quickly under the right conditions. So take care to repair cracks in your home and to remove any food sources to get rid of millipede infestations.

Flour Beetles

The larvae of flour beetles are often found in the home, where they present as worm-like creatures infesting mainly cereals, such as rice and flour. They will feed on most food sources, including grains, chocolate, spices and items commonly found in kitchens. They are also often found in bathrooms, as well as any other room of the house where they can find a food source. The best means of controlling these pests is to find and eliminate their food sources.


Fly larvae, or maggots, are one of the most common worm-lie creatures to be found in any home. They can be found anywhere a food source can be found, including the kitchen and bathroom. Flies will lay eggs on food, in pipes, in dark corners and in cracks. Controlling fly infestations is difficult, and you will need to take great care with sanitation as well as consider the use of chemical insecticides.