Lathe Equipment for Making Pool Cues

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The lathe is the most important piece of equipment anyone making pool cues can have. You can't make a pool cue without one. The lathe cuts the pool cue wood into its cylindrical shape. It is used for shaping the wood to make new pool cues and for reshaping pool cues that may get warped or need dents or scratches removed. Lathes are also used when replacing tips and ferrules. There are two kinds of lathes for making pool cues, portable and stationary.

Stationary Lathes

Stationary lathes are bigger and heavier than portable lathes. They are made to be set up in one location, such as a shop. This type of lathe is typically about 6 feet long and 1 foot wide. They weigh about 45.4 Kilogram. Lathes have options of different taper and inlay tools so one machine can make the entire cue.

Portable Lathes

Portable lathes weight between 11.3 Kilogram and 18.1 Kilogram. These lathes are meant to travel to perform pool cue repairs and reshaping on location. You often see these lathes at pool tournaments and pool halls to make it convenient for pool players to have their cues repaired. These lathes are also used for replacing tips and ferrules as well as repairing and replacing cue wraps. Portable lathes are not meant for building entire cues.

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