How to Renovate a Shed

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Keeping a shed in good repair or remodelling it will protect your initial investment. Letting a shed get run down may result in a leaky roof or crumbling foundation. By taking steps to fix whatever is wrong, you can get the small building into tiptop shape. It's possible to use recycled wood and other materials to renovate the building, too. Be on the lookout for sheets of metal roofing, exterior-grade plywood and other materials your friends and neighbours might be ready to toss. Save these materials and use them in your remodel.

Look at any problem areas that need repairs. The roof may have holes or the foundation may have cracks. Exterior siding on the shed might be worn or damaged due to the impact of rain or snow over time. Check door hinges, gutteers and windows in the building as well.

Fix the structural problems and create a solid roof. You might need to repair large cracks in the concrete floor or a large hole in the building's roof. Replace the plywood on the roof and add asphalt shingles to protect the shed from rain as you make other improvements.

Fresh exterior siding will give the building a real facelift. You can nail new siding over the old siding, if the old surface is relatively smooth. Gaps around wooden windows will need to be covered with wood trim. Caulk all areas, so the exterior will be ready to receive paint.

Add new doors and other finishing touches. A new exterior walkout door or double walkout door will give the shed a polished look. Replace old gutters and add downspouts with splashblocks at the foundation as well. Make sure all eaves areas are painted thoroughly to protect the siding from the elements. A contrasting bright paint on the exterior door and certain exterior trim will give the shed a storybook look to enhance a garden.

New shelving and counterspace inside the shed will make it more functional. Storage components will help you keep the building neat and organised. Plastic storage bins placed under counterspace will provide ample room for storing miscellaneous items. A hanging pegboard can help you organise your tools used in the shed.

Landscaping touches can enhance the exterior as well. You might build a walkway to the front door of the shed from pressure-treated lumber filled with white pebbles. Add concrete containers of petunias or ivy on either side of the front door.

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