How to Use Paltalk on a MacBook

Paltalk is an Internet chat service that allows you to instant message and video and voice chat with other Paltalk members in chat rooms. Paltalk is a free service. Although the Paltalk application is not compatible with the MacBook, you can use the PalTalk Express Web-based application on your MacBook.

You do not need to download any software on your MacBook to use the PalTalk Express application. However, you will need an active Internet connection.

Go to the Paltalk home page on your MacBook and click the "Paltalk Express for Macs" button.

Enter your Paltak nickname and password and click the "Log In" button.

Select a chat room category on the left side of the Paltalk Express application. For example, select "Music" to view available music oriented chat rooms. Select the chat room that you want to enter. You can also choose to select a subcategory before selecting a specific chat room to narrow the number of available chat rooms. For example, you could click "Dance, Trace, Rave" to display music chat rooms specific to dance, trance and rave music.

Enter the instant message you want to send to the chat room by entering text at the bottom of the chat window. You can also view instant messages sent by others in the chat room in the chat room window.

Click the "My Cam" button to initiate a video chat with the other individuals in the chat room.

Click the "Push to Talk" button to initiate a voice chat with the other individuals in the chat room.