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How to Fix the Audio Problems With the Sony Bravia TV

Verify the Sony Bravia TV's audio settings to solve common sound problems. For example, if an external audio system is selected as the audio output, the TV speakers will be disabled. External equipment attachments like theatre surround sound speakers may get switched out and replaced. Audio settings affect remote controls too. Connected external equipment's remote controls may or may not be able to you to raise or lower the TV volume.

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  1. Remove your headphones if it is attached to the TV.

  2. Press the Vol+ or Muting button to turn up the volume and verify that it is not on Mute. Continue pressing the Vol+ button for a few times to restore the audio to a desired level.

  3. Press the Home button on the remote control, then press the "" arrow buttons and select the Settings icon.

  4. Press the up and down arrow symbol buttons and press "+" when Audio Options is displayed.

  5. Press the up and down arrow symbol buttons and press "+" when TV Speakers is displayed.

  6. Return to the Settings menu, then press the up and down arrow symbol buttons and press "+" when "Fixed" is displayed.

  7. Return to the Settings menu, then press Woofer Level to raise or lower the low frequency audio. Use the arrow keys or the "+" buttons to make your adjustments.

  8. Verify that the power cord is securely plugged into the outlet.

  9. Verify that the cable cords to all attached external devices are securely connected. Use the standard 75-ohm coaxial cable cord to ensure adequate signal frequencies.

  10. Move magnetic interfering appliances to another outlet. Computers, air conditioners and other loud devices are prone to interfering with TV signals.

  11. Disable the "Motion Naturalizer" if the screen jumps erratically. Press the "Home" button on your remote control, then press "Video Options Settings." Press "Motion Naturalizer," then press "Off."

  12. Reset your TV to factory defaults if it still fails to work properly. Turn the TV on while holding down the up arrow button on the remote control. Re-enter your Parental Lock settings and any other customised settings. Resetting your TV erases this data.

  13. Tip

    Press the Options button to access the Alternative Audio setting. This setting allows you to watch a digital program in your TV language setting when a broadcaster makes alternate audio stream available. Verify that the LED lamp is not burnt out. If the LED lamp indicator flashes continually, the lamp should be replaced. Lamps typically lasts around 8,000 hours and can sometimes lasts up to 10,000 hours.


    If your TV is exposed to excessive heat, such as from direct sunlight, the display will warp permanently.

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