How to Make Gelatin Butterflies

Known for their beauty and grace, adding butterfly designs to a cake will turn it into a work of art. Cake decorating skills can be self taught or learnt in a classroom. Even for the most skilled cake decorator, gelatin butterflies requires practice to make them perfect. Gelatin butterflies are added to cakes in a variety of sizes and colours depending on your preference. Add gelatin butterflies to your next cake and enjoy the compliments you will receive on all your hard work.

Mix gelatin and water together. Put aside and let it sit for a while until it hardens some. This mixture will need to become soft again to use. To do this, place the bowl in the microwave for 5 to 10 minutes or until it liquefies. When it's ready, you will see foam at the top.

Remove foam from the top of the gelatin. Add one drop of food colouring to the bowl and mix together.

Brush a thin layer of the gelatin mixture onto the butterfly veining sheet. Brush a little bit of the gelatin mixture onto the edges of the butterflies to connect the wings.

Let the gelatin butterflies dry for six hours. They may raise from the veining sheet but that will not cause any problems.

Cut the butterflies off of the veining sheet. Go around the wings like you would cut out traced letters. Cut off any excess gelatin at this time. Using a small paint brush, line the edges of the butterfly wings with piping gel. Sprinkle an edible dust onto the butterflies for added attraction. The gelatin butterflies are now ready for cake decoration.

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