How to Repair a Barbour

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The Barbour jacket is a special type of garment, made of waxed cloth. It was designed for outdoor wear in the British climate, and can withstand even a rainshower without the wearer getting wet. The company has provided its speciality garments to outdoorsmen for more than 100 years.

However, it is sensitive to cleaning and mending methods.

Check whether the jacket fits properly. If the sleeves are too long, they may crease and this will break the waxed outer cloth of the jacket. Shortening the sleeves can't be done at home.

Determine if the garment needs to be repaired. Minor cuts in the fabric or broken seams can be mended. If these are in the inner lining, an emergency repair can be done at home using a needle and thread. If the repair is in the outer cloth, the jacket has to be sent to the manufacturer for repair.

Determine if the jacket needs to be reproofed. The manufacturer recommends that a Barbour jacket be reproofed every year, so the waxing of the cloth is reinforced.

Hang the garment straight in a waterproof place.

Sponge the garment using a regular household sponge and water that's not above room temperature.

Sponge carefully all around the garment from the shoulders downward. It's made to withstand heavy rain and so it can take being sponged. If the wax coating is becoming less water resistant, it needs to be reproofed.

Package the garment for shipping.

Fill in the repair order form available on the Barbour website.

Take the jacket to the dealer where it was bought, or send it to Barbour at the address noted on the repair order form.