How to Use a Tulip Swag Holder

A swag over the top of a window provides you with a fast and elegant window treatment. By adding just a touch of fabric in a gently swooping swag, interior windows get an instant appeal. Although you have many options for holding the swags above the windows, consider using tulip swag holders.

The innovative design of these swag holders enables you to create a fabric flower at each corner.

Determine the placement of the swag holders. Use the ruler to measure points diagonally out from the window at the left and right upper corners. Make marks about 6 inches above and 6 inches outside the upper corners.

Mark and drill holes to mount the hardware. Position the swag holders over the holes and screw in the screws with the screwdriver.

Position a length of rope along the top of the window, placing it over the swag holders at each corner. Adjust the rope along the window to create the look you desire with the swag. Extend the rope straight down from each swag holder at the sides of the window. Cut the rope off so it represents the total length of fabric you need and remove the rope. Measure the rope and add 24 inches for each fabric flower you will create with the tulip swag holders (48 inches total). This is the total length you require.

Fold the fabric swag in accordion folds along the length of the fabric. Make the width of the folds about 4 inches.

Find the centre of the folded swag and the centre of the window. Align the two centre points and place the folded swags over the brackets of the swag holders. Adjust the fabric along the top of the window until it looks the way you desire and then readjust the fabric over the brackets so the ends of the fabric swag hang straight down the sides of the windows.

Measure 24 inches straight down from one of the brackets and grasp the fabric at this point. Pull the fabric up to the tulip swag holder and insert it through the "U" shape opening of the swag holder to create a loop. Squeeze the top opening of the swag holder closed with your fingers and wrap a length of floral wire tightly across the opening of the swag holder to hold the looped fabric securely.

Grasp the fabric in the loop and gently pull it to make a puffy flower in front of the holder. Arrange the fabric poofs and tuck in the edges until it looks the way you want. Arrange the remaining fabric hanging straight down from the tulip swag holder also.

Repeat the same process with the other swag holder to make an identical fabric flower at the other corner of the window.

Step back and check the flowers for symmetry. Make any necessary adjustments.