How to Make Origami Paper Sniper Shoot Bullets Without Tape

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With origami, the art of paper folding, you don't need tape to create interesting shapes from paper. An origami sniper bullet can be made with just a few basic folds. You can use origami paper for this craft, but construction or printer paper also works well.

For a more realistic-looking sniper bullet, use gun metal grey paper.

Cut one paper into a 6-by-6-inch square.

Fold the square in half. You should have a long rectangle.

Put one end of the rectangle into the fold of the other end of the rectangle. This creates a tube.

Cut another piece of paper into a circle 2 inches in diameter.

Roll the circle into a cone and stuff it inside the tube so just the point sticks out. The tube holds the cone so it doesn't unravel.

Cut three 1/2-inch gashes on the bottom of the bullet.

Fold the cuts in so they create a flat bottom for your bullet.

Fold the last piece of paper into a tube and hold it in one hand.

Place your paper bullet into the tube and blow into one end to "shoot" your paper sniper bullet.