How to Make Black Nail Polish

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Though seen more often in the goth and emo subcultures, black nail polish can be worn by anyone. It is even common to see this nail polish colour on men. However, you may not be able to find black nail polish in your area or you may not want to buy a whole bottle, preferring only to try it out for a day or so. In these cases, you can mix some of your own nail polish colours to create black nail polish at home.

Set up your materials in a space where you will be able to work without fear of knocking things over. The area should be well-ventilated because you will have several bottles open at a time and will be mixing. The process of mixing the nail polishes must be done quickly, and you must be ready to paint your nails with what you have created almost immediately.

Remove any old polish you may have on your fingers or toes with a cotton ball and nail polish remover. Use a quick-drying nail polish remover so that your new coat can be applied quickly afterward without waiting for long periods. Clip and file your nails to your satisfaction.

Arrange four bottles of nail polish in the colours green, red, blue and yellow. These can be of inexpensive brands and their colours can be slightly off. It is important, however, that the underlying hue is present. For example, if the polish is light blue, it will work. It will also work if it is red with hues of yellow within it. Remember that combinations work -- for example, green and blue mixed together make yellow, so if you cannot find yellow, find these colours.

Pour equal but small amounts of the polishes onto an index card. When deciding the appropriate amount to pour, remember that you are using this for one application on your nails and/or toes. Do not make more than what you need in one sitting. If you are mixing green and blue to make yellow, add an additional portion of these colours to compensate.

Quickly mix the colours using the clean nail application brush. Use your instincts and personal taste to decide when the colour is dark enough for you. (This is the fun thing about making home mixtures. You might discover a new mix that you like just as much!)

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