Instructions for PIR Floodlights

PIR floodlights use infrared technology to sense body heat. This allows the lights to detect approaching people. When people are detected, the lights illuminate for a certain amount of time. These lights are designed for outdoor use and should be placed in areas where human traffic is most likely to pass.

Installing PIR Floodlights will enhance the security of a home by detecting human presence at night and provide enhanced visibility for the homeowner from dusk to dawn.

Choose an area for sensor placement. The sensor is more likely to respond to movements made across from it than towards it.

Insert the screwdriver through the retaining lugs and slowly push inward until the wiring box cover is loosened.

Remove the screw located at the top of the floodlight and separate the floodlight from the bracket. Insert the halogen bulb into its holder. When handling the halogen bulb, use a cloth to avoid direct contact with the skin.

Position the wall bracket in the desired location on the wall and mark the location of the corresponding mount holes. Drill the holes and insert Rawlplug anchors into them if the surface is masonry. Mount the bracket using the screws provided with the floodlight and a screwdriver.

Disable the electrical current by switching off the fuse or breaker box. Run a cable from the nearest wall switch or circuit breaker, pass it through the metal eyelet and connect the cable to the terminal box on the back of the wiring block according to the connection diagram provided by the manufacturer. If you are unsure about this process, consult with an electrician.

Reattach the wiring box cover and reattach the floodlight to the bracket. Remember to replace the screw located at the top of the floodlight.