How Can I Unblock a Contact in Hotmail?

Unblocking a contact in Hotmail allows the blocked contact to send you e-mail messages once again. When a contact is blocked, all e-mails from the contact are automatically deleted. Once you unblock him his e-mails will appear in your Hotmail inbox.

You can adjust your blocked contacts list at any time from within the Options menu. Contacts are not notified when they are added to or removed from the blocked contacts list.

Access your Hotmail account in your Web browser. Log in using your user name and password.

Click "Options" under "Hotmail Highlights."

Click "Hotmail" under "Show Options For," then click "Safe and Blocked Senders."

Click "Blocked Senders" to view a list of blocked contacts.

Review the list of blocked contacts and click the email address of the contact you want to unblock. The email address will be highlighted.

Click "Remove from List" to unblock the contact.