How to use aloe vera on your lips

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The leaf of the aloe vera plant holds a clear pulp that has been used for many years to heal and soothe skin ailments and conditions, including abrasions, infections, minor burns and psoriasis. Lip skin is thinner than on other areas of the body, leaving them vulnerable to chapping, wind damage, and sunburn. The moisturising and healing properties of aloe vera can benefit the skin on your lips as well.

Dab aloe vera gel onto your lips to soothe chapped skin or sunburn damage. Over-the-counter aloe vera gels are usually not composed of pure aloe. Most of these gels also contain lidocaine, which works as an external analgesic. Lidocaine provides external pain relief and works with the aloe vera's healing and moisturising properties to ease lip discomfort brought about by sunburn and chapping.

Mix an overnight therapeutic treatment for your lips. Combine aloe vera gel, petroleum jelly and coconut oil in a microwaveable glass bowl. Warm the ingredients in a microwave, stir them well and allow the mixture to thoroughly cool. Apply to your lips at bedtime. The next morning, your lips will be smooth and hydrated.

Apply a lip balm containing aloe vera and sunscreen when going outdoors. Unlike aloe vera gel that is absorbed by the skin, lip balm is formulated to remain on the lips to provide protection. Check your lip balm to ensure that sunscreen is listed as an ingredient.

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