How to Troubleshoot a La-Z-Boy Recliner

A La-Z-Boy recliner is designed for comfort and should provide this for many years without any problems. But if you do find that any part of the chair is not operating properly, it's simple to troubleshoot a La-Z-Boy. Unless it's a problem with the upholstery, the springs or the frame, you can often fix any problems yourself in a matter of minutes. Making adjustments is simple to do and can often take care of any problems you may be experiencing with your recliner.

Examine the back of the chair where it fastens to the seat if the recliner feels off balance when you sit in it. This sometimes happens if you've recently moved the chair. If you see a gap along one side of this joint, pull straight up on the back. Align each side of the body bracket with the back bracket. Push the back firmly onto both brackets. Push down on each locking lever with your thumbs or a screwdriver to secure the back into position.

Recline in the chair. If the chair wants to revert to the upright position or it won't recline, tilt the chair forward so the top of the back is on the floor. Locate two wing nuts or a thumb wheel on both of the undersides of the chair. Turn both wing nuts or thumb wheels a 1/4-turn and try the chair again. Tighten the adjustments by turning the wing nuts or thumb wheels clockwise for taller and heavier persons. Loosen the adjustments for shorter, lighter individuals by turning the wing nuts or thumb wheels counterclockwise.

Check the electrical supply to your La-Z-Boy recliner if it has heat, a power lift or other functions that appear not to be working. Examine the plug for damage. Insert the La-Z-Boy's plug firmly into the outlet. Check the breaker box to ensure there is power to that outlet; if not, try a different outlet.

Release the "Up" or "Down" switch if the amperage overload protector shuts down the motor of a lift chair. Give the system time to reset automatically. Remove the cable tie that secures the base, during shipping, as it can cause the amperage overload protector to trip as well.

Unplug the chair from the wall outlet. Examine the wiring that connects the back to the seat of the chair if the electrical components aren't operating properly. Plug any loose connections back together. Untangle any pinched wires. Plug the chair back into an outlet to test its operation.

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