How to Reconnect an HP Wireless Printer

An HP wireless printer allows you to print from any computer on your network without needing a physical connection to the printer. The printer has a built-in wireless adaptor and is able to connect to a wireless network without a computer.

However, if you change the wireless network's name or password, you will need to reconnect the printer to the network to resume operation. Use the HP wireless printer's Wireless Setup Wizard to reconnect the device to the network.

Tap the "Setup" icon on the HP wireless printer's touchscreen. The icon will look like a wrench or a gear.

Select "Network," then tap "Wireless Setup Wizard." The printer searches for a wireless network signal.

Select your wireless network's name from the list of available networks. If your network does not broadcast its name, select "Enter New Network Name." Use the onscreen keyboard to type the name of the network. Tap "Done" on the keyboard when you finish entering the name, then tap "OK."

Enter the password for the wireless network if it is security-enabled. Use the onscreen keyboard to enter the password. Tap "Done," and then tap "OK." The printer reconnects to the wireless network. Tap "OK" to print a wireless report.