How to Use a Stand Up Sunbed

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Standing tanning beds are quickly becoming the choice for tanning customers. In a standing tanning bed you tan more evenly, due to not having pressure points while lying down. You can control the evenness of the tan by moving your body to expose more surface area to the lights.

Standing tanning beds are also more hygienic because none of your skin touches the bed surface. If used properly, a standing tanning bed can produce a more even and faster tanning experience.

Cleanse your skin thoroughly before tanning to remove as much dead skin as possible.

Moisturise your skin with a good skin cream.

If you have long hair, secure it on top of your head to eliminate tan lines around the neck.

Put on your goggles.

Stand in the centre of the tanning booth. Grab the bars at the top with your hands to raise your arms and even the tanning surface.

When you are done tanning, use a skin cream to moisturise again.