How to Activate WordPad to Write a Letter

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Microsoft WordPad is a word processor included with the Microsoft Windows 7 operating system. It can be used to create documents, such as a letter. WordPad provides more formatting options than Notepad, the other included word processor with Windows. This makes WordPad more ideal for a letter than Notepad. To write a letter in WordPad, you only need to format it properly.

Click "Start," then "All Programs," then "Accessories" and then "Wordpad."

Click the drop-down menu in the top-left corner and select "Page Setup."

Select "Letter" as the paper size.

Set the "Margins" to at least 1 inch each. You can increase this to personal preference, but it is usually ideal to stay below 2 inches.

Click "OK."

Click "Justified" alignment. This is under the "Paragraph" section of the toolbar. Most letters are justified left.

Select a serif font. Serif fonts are fonts which have lines attached to the ends of letters. A sans-serif is a smooth lettering without the line. Serif fonts are usually easier to read than sans--serif. A popular serif font is Times New Roman.

Write your letter and click, "File" and "Save as" to name and save your file, typically to your desktop for easy location later.

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