How to Store Nori Seaweed Sheets

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Nori seaweed provides the green-black wrap that surrounds sushi rolls. It's used extensively in Japanese cooking as both a sushi wrap and seasoning. Crumbled nori adds flavour to rice toppings, vegetables and meat dishes. Nori is made from laver seaweed that is pressed into sheets as it dries.

The nori comes in dried sheets either plain or toasted. Smaller flavoured sheets, such as teriyaki, are also available. Nori stores for a month or longer when properly packaged and protected from moisture.

Place unopened packages of nori in a dark, cool place, such as the pantry. Leave the package sealed until you are ready to use the nori.

Remove the nori from the package after you open it. Place any leftover nori sheets into a plastic food storage bag.

Press the air from the food storage bag. Seal the bag closed and store the nori in a dark, cool place.

Store unopened nori packages for up to six months. Use the nori within four weeks after you have opened the package.