How to Reset a Vado Video Camera

You can perform a soft reset on the small Vado video cameras from Creative by cycling the camera's power. Let the camera idle for one minute, and it enters a power-saver mode. Let the camera idle for five minutes, and it powers down on its own.

Once the camera is turned off, press the power button on the edge of the camera body to the right of the LCD display. If cycling the power doesn't resolve your problem, perform a more extensive reset by removing the camera's battery and reinstalling it.

Press the battery latch in. The latch is on the front -- the side with the camera lens, not the display monitor -- on the bottom of the camera body. Lift the battery cover up.

Grasp the bottom edge of the battery. Lift the battery up and out of the camera body.

Wait 30 seconds, and then insert the top edge of the battery into the camera body and press the battery into place. Close the battery cover.

Press the power button to restart the camera.