How to Change the Buffer Settings in Silverlight

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Netflix is an online video rental and video on demand service. Netflix's "Watch Instantly" feature allows you to stream movies and TV shows straight from your computer. Netflix, and other services like it, use Silverlight to stream this content. By default, Silverlight will auto-detect your buffer settings and adjust playback based on your Internet connection. You can also set this manually and force a certain buffer rate if Silverlight is not adjusting it properly for you.

Open the video you would like to play with Sliverlight in your Web browser. Wait until the video has loaded and buffered and begins playing.

Press "Pause" on the video. Click on the centre of the video, not in the space around the video, to select it.

Press "Ctrl," "Alt," "Shift" and "S" on your keyboard. This will open up Silverlight's "Stream Manager." Older versions of Silverlight will open stream manager by typing "Shift," "Alt" and then clicking on the video with your mouse.

Click "Manual Selection" underneath the buffer rate. Choose your buffer settings from the boxes underneath this. The higher the buffer rate, the higher the quality and the longer the load time.

Click "Ok" in the Stream Manager. Click "Play" to start your video up again. Silverlight will now begin to buffer your manual selection.

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