How to Use a Walking Stick for Self Defense

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Self-defence is an issue that many people are concerned about on a daily basis. Whether travelling into dangerous city or urban areas or simply concerned with potential terrorism, some individuals choose to carry items to assist with self-defence. Due to restrictions imposed following the 9/11 attacks, a walking stick is often one of the only significant means of self-defence available for use by an individual.

Hold the walking stick by the handle or just below the handle with a firm grip. Jab the end of the stick into the belly of an attacker while they are still at a distance. Initiate a defence while the attacker is still at a distance rather than up close.

Reverse your hold on the stick and grip it just above the tip. Bring the handle of the walking stick back and swing it forward striking the attacker on the side of the head and ear.

Maintain the same grip near the tip of the stick and swing the handle or head of the staff into the knees and shins of an attacker. Follow this with strikes to the head as the attacker goes down.

Jab the tip of the walking stick into the groin of your opponent. Strike the rib cage and side of the opponent's head as they double over.

Hold the stick below the grip with one hand and near the tip with the other. Position the cane horizontally and strike the face and throat of the attacker. Use this method when the attacker moves in more closely.

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