How to Remove Varnish From a Snooker Cue

Varnish on a pool cue --- also known as a snooker cue --- can add a sticky residue to the cue. This residue prevents the cue from naturally sliding along your fingers, which causes you to miss-hit the ball, even on easy shots.

Eliminating this varnish makes the cue look and feel new and also saves you money that's otherwise spent on a new cue. You must use caution when removing the varnish, however, to avoid stripping the wood from the cue.

Sand the portion of snooker cue covered in varnish with superfine sandpaper. Use caution to avoid damaging the cue.

Place several drops of the liquid cue cleaner onto the cue towel.

Wipe the area of the cue stick previously covered in varnish with the moistened cue towel.

Flip the towel to the dry side. Wipe the cue again.

Run your hands along the snooker cue. Repeat Steps 1 through 4 if you notice any stickiness on the cue.