How to kill leeches in my yard

The very thought of leeches makes many people uneasy, especially when these small worms are present in a water source such as a background pond. Though leeches usually remain in the water, they will sometimes find their way out into your yard. To get of leeches outside of the water, you can use common food items. In the water, you must use a specific chemical compound to get rid of them.

Pour salt directly on the body of any leeches found outside the water. The salt will dry out the leech's body and kill it.

Spray lemon juice on the ground, tree or other areas where the leeches are found. Lemon juice is effective at killing the leeches.

Measure 5 ppm, or parts per million, of copper sulphate. Copper sulphate is available at many garden supply stores, and comes complete with a measuring cup that indicates parts per million.

Pour 5 ppm of copper sulphate into the pond or small water source to kill the leeches.

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