How to Make an Ascot Hat

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The traditional ladies' hat worn to Britain's Royal Ascot races is wide-brimmed, eye-catching and very flattering. Reminiscent of the hat style worn in "My Fair Lady", the Ascot often includes multiple mediums for a one-of-a-kind work of wearable art. To make your own decorative Ascot hat, layer ribbon, feather and floral details in complimentary or contrasting colours.

Wrap the wide ribbon flush around the crown of the hat. Tie the ribbon once on one side of the hat.

Tie a large single-loop bow. Use the scissors to trim the excess ribbon.

Attach the feathers at a 45-degree angle next to the bow, using the glue gun.

Trim the silk-flower stems and greenery with scissors so the flower buds can sit flush on the brim of the hat.

Apply glue to the brim of the hat around the feathered area. Adhere the silk flowers to the glue, hiding the bottoms of the feather shafts. Allow the glue dry completely before wearing the hat.

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