How to Convert My Canon MP600 to Wireless

The Canon MP600 is a colour bubble jet printer that features a maximum print resolution of 9600 by 2400 dpi, an integrated scanning unit, a built-in memory card reader and compatibility with both Windows and Macintosh operating systems. The device can connect to computers via a USB 2.

0 high speed connection; however, users wishing to convert the MP600 to a wireless device can install an optional Bluetooth adaptor. When configured in this way, users can connect from a variety of Bluetooth-enabled devices, including computers, phones and PDAs.

Open the cover on the control panel, located near the front edge of the printer's top panel. Press the "ON/OFF" button, located in the upper-left corner of the control panel. Wait for the power light, located near the lower-left corner of the control panel, to stop flashing before you proceed.

Examine the lower-right corner of the printer's front panel and find the port installed to the right of the paper output tray. Insert the end of the Bluetooth adaptor into the port.

Examine the control panel and locate the "Easy-Scroll Wheel" installed in the centre. Find and press the "Home" button, located to the left of the Easy-Scroll Wheel. Run your finger clockwise over the surface of the Easy-Scroll Wheel until the "Settings" option appears on the control panel's display. Press the "OK" button, located in the centre of the Easy-Scroll Wheel, to confirm your selection.

Use the Easy-Scroll Wheel to highlight the option labelled "Bluetooth settings" and press "OK." Highlight the option labelled "Device Name" and press "OK." Use the Easy-Scroll Wheel to input the first letter of the device name that you wish to assign to the printer. Press down the right side of the Easy-Scroll Wheel to advance to the next letter. Input the remaining letters in this manner, then press "OK."

Return to the Bluetooth settings and select "Access refusal." Confirm the access refusal setting is set to "OFF"; use the Easy-Scroll Wheel to toggle the setting, if required, and press "OK."

Return to the Bluetooth settings and select "Security." Toggle the setting to "ON" if you wish to require a passkey from devices attempting to connect to the printer; press "OK." Return the Bluetooth settings and select "Passkey" if you have enabled the "Security" setting. Input the passkey in the same way that you set the device name; press "OK." Highlight the option labelled "OK" and press "OK."