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How to Access Mod Shop in "Pokemon LeafGreen" on a Gameshark

Updated April 17, 2017

As you play through "Pokemon LeafGreen" you will come across a PokeMart in every town. These shops offer a variety of useful items; however, not every item in the game is available for purchase. The Mod Shop eliminates this problem by giving you access to all the PokeBalls, Technical Machines (TMs), Hidden Machines (HMs), Berries, Hold Items and Key Items in "LeafGreen." The Mod Shop is available only after you enter lines of code into a GameShark device.

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  1. Enter the Master code into the GameShark in order to use cheats. The code is as follows: 9820F6AE8203 8359EBCF20F5 DC89BB73F72F.

  2. Enter the following code to activate the Mod Shop: CC3984AA58E6 5AD29EF5A2D0 B06043AE12C1 F29FA67B2267 76A6B83B8D60 96C4A38F12D1 F29FA67B2267 35ED5B225D2D.

  3. Go to the nearest PokeMart.

  4. Hold "L" "A" and "Select" buttons and then talk to the PokeMart's clerk to bring up the Mod Shop menu.

  5. Tip

    To purchase items from the Mod Shop, you will need to enter additional codes. For example, enter 7296B42B2E54 57C679F201B0 9BC0ABE182ED 7296B42B2E54 D69F0CEE0294 45265DD247B7 67125F121614 A479060A4835 67125F121614 DAB2ACCDBAE0 7296B42B2E54 EB5B6704323D 7982F3B1F1EF to stock the Mod Shop with TMs and HMs. TMs and HMs allow you to teach your Pokemon new moves, so purchase these items to create diverse move lists for your team of creatures. Enter 7296B42B2E54 DADB28CEA08C 9BC0ABE182ED 7296B42B2E54 578659F281B9 45265DD247B7 67125F121614 A05DA62B6465 67125F121614 5BABF9D139CD 7296B42B2E54 A40D26285B02 55A65392513F to access Hold items, such as Quick Claw and Hard Stone. You can equip your Pokemon with these items to improve their attributes during battles. Enter 7296B42B2E54 DECF28EA81B8 9BC0ABE182ED 7296B42B2E54 538259D2A9A9 45265DD247B7 67125F121614 CA1FA6A9A4E7 67125F121614 5FBFFDF510F9 7296B42B2E54 E66F82291740 5586F393517F to stock the Mod Shop with Berries. These items can keep your Pokemon healthy in and out of battles. Combine these codes with the Free Shop Items code: 7296B42B2E54 30E20AC023BD 17D4F39712D9. Afterward, you can obtain any item in the game without spending money. This includes items such as the Super Rod, Tri Pass and PokeFlute, which are usually obtainable only at certain points in the game, rather than purchasable at PokeMarts. Enter the following code to access these key items: 7296B42B2E54 57C679F201B0 9BC0ABE182ED 7296B42B2E54 D69F0CEE0294 45265DD247B7 67125F121614 CE3B068888B7 67125F121614 DAB2ACCDBAE0 7296B42B2E54 A9096300731B 79B253B4F08B.


    These codes may corrupt or delete your game file.

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