How to Remove Moss From Block Paving

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Favoured for its superior strength and aesthetic appeal, concrete block paving is a prevalent driveway and patio surface. Although concrete block paving is virtually indestructible, it isn't resistant to moss. Moss's cushion-like growth thrives on concrete block paving in humid, moist and shaded environments. Unsealed concrete block pavers are especially susceptible to moss, since their exposed pores absorb moisture, which encourages moss growth. Moss on concrete block pavers requires control because its slippery texture is dangerous to walk on. Promptly remove moss from concrete blocking paving using a few effective techniques.

Scrub excess moss from the concrete block paving using a long-handled block paving brush. Dislodge as much moss as possible.

Rinse the detached moss off the concrete block paving using a garden hose.

Kill any remaining moss with a seaweed extract-based biodegradable moss removal detergent. Fill a garden sprayer with 1 gallon of fresh water. Mix 1 cup of the biodegradable moss removal detergent into the water.

Spray the diluted moss removal detergent directly onto the portions of the concrete block paving that contains moss growth. Thoroughly saturate the moss with the diluted product.

Let the moss removal detergent permeate the moss for 24 hours. The moss should die within 24 hours.

Scrub the concrete block paving with the paving brush to detach the dead moss.

Blast the detached dead moss growth off the concrete block paving with water. Do not leave any moss on the paving.

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