How to Change 7Z to SMC

The file format 7Z is short for "7-zip." This is an archive format that's used to store other file types inside of it. Compressing files into archives such as 7Z is a way to make them smaller and easier to store. The 7Z compression format is even more highly compressed than the common format ZIP. If you have a file such as SMC, which is a file used for backing up Super Nintendo games, stored inside of a 7Z archive, you'll need to decompress the 7Z back to SMC before you can use it.

Download and install 7-Zip. Double-click the 7Z archive to open it with the 7-Zip program. Click and drag the SMC file inside to your desktop to decompress and make it available for use.

Download and install WinRAR. Right-click the 7-ZIP active file. select "Extract here." The SMC file appears in the same folder. WinRAR is free to use.

Visit the site Wobzip. Click "Choose File," then double click the 7Z file in the browser window that comes up. The title appears below. Click "Wobzip!" and you'll see the SMC file you want appear in a link. Click the link to download the SMC file.

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