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How to Turn on Subtitles in the Toshiba Regza

Updated March 23, 2017

The Federal Communications Commission requires all televisions to provide closed caption capabilities for hearing-impaired viewers to receive audio transcription. These closed captions appear as subtitles on the bottom of your television. The Toshiba Regza high definition LCD television has two separate closed caption modes. The standard "Captions" mode displays dialogue and audio effects from the current program. The "Text" mode allows supplemental information that is unrelated to the current program, such as weather and stock feeds.

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  1. Press "Menu" on your Toshiba Regza's remote control.

  2. Press the up/down navigational arrows on your remote control to highlight "Setup," and press the "Enter" button.

  3. Press the up/down arrows to highlight "TV Settings," then press the "Enter" button.

  4. Press the up/down arrows to highlight "Closed Captions Settings," and press the "Enter" button.

  5. Press the up/down arrows to highlight "Closed Captions," then press the right arrow button to change it to "On."

  6. Press "Menu" on your Toshiba Regza remote control.

  7. Select "TV Settings," then "Closed Captions Settings."

  8. Highlight "Analog CC Mode," and press the left/right arrows to select any of the "CC" modes to select standard "Captions" display. Select any of the "T" modes to select "Text" display.

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