How to Get Roman Numerals on PowerPoint

While crafting a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation in a foreign language may take years of schooling and studying, using "foreign" numbers doesn't require such a time commitment. Although Roman numerals are a completely different set of characters than numbers, PowerPoint makes it easy for you by automating the process. Instantly create Roman numeral-style bullet lists on your slideshow with PowerPoint's numbering feature. Adding Roman numerals to the actual text of the PowerPoint is also a quick process.

Open Microsoft PowerPoint. Click into the "Click to add title" text box, and type a word, phrase or sentence. Press the "Enter" key to drop to a new line, and add another line.

Repeat until you have your preferred-length list for the Roman numerals. Highlight all of the text. Click the "Align Left Text" button on the "Paragraph" section of the ribbon at the top of the screen.

Click the small drop-down arrow next to the "Numbering" button, which looks like a vertical "1, 2, 3," with lines next to it. Select the Roman numeral numbering button, which instantly changes the text to be bulleted with Roman numerals.

Add Roman numerals to other areas of the PowerPoint slide by simply using the keyboard for the Roman numerals equivalent, and typing into a text box on the slide. For example, the capital letter "I" is the Roman numeral "1," the capital letter "V" is the Roman numeral "5" and the capital letter "X" is the Roman numeral "10."

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