How to Draw a 4-Leaf Poppy

John Foxx/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Learn how to draw a poppy by combining a number of simple shapes. When drawing your poppy, it is best to use a pencil with an eraser on the end of it, as this will enable you to erase any visible guidance lines when you have completed the drawing. Your finished poppy will be seen from above, giving you a view of the inside of the poppy, which will be surrounded by four petals.

Draw a circle on paper. This will form the outline of the entire poppy so make it as large as you want the flower to be.

Run your pencil down the centre of the circle to create a straight vertical line. Draw a horizontal straight line across the centre of the circle. This separates the circle into four equal sections. Draw a small circle in the centre of the first circle, where the two lines cross. This will form the centre of the poppy.

Go over each individual section to make it appear more petal-like. Do this by running your pencil over the guidance lines, making the edges of each petal curved. Add detail to the petals by giving each one a heart-shaped top, with a small dip in the centre.

Erase any unwanted guidance lines and colour the centre circle black. Colour each petal red and blend in yellow at the root of each petal, where it meets the black centre.

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