Humatrope Dosages for Bodybuilding

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It is becoming more common to hear about professional athletes and bodybuilders in the news who are using Humatrope, a human growth hormone, to improve their physical appearance and endurance. What you don't hear is how much or how frequently they are using this product, which is essential in terms of safety.

While there may be many benefits associated with its use, they are all null and void if the supplement is not taken properly.


Humatrope, or human growth hormone (hGH), is used widely throughout the world of bodybuilding and professional sports. It serves many purposes for these athletes, namely an increase in their muscle mass and a decrease in their body fat. However, it is essential to know before using humatrope just how much you should use, and how often, to ensure that the desired results are achieved safely.


Humatrope is a synthetic (man made) form of the human growth hormone every individual is born with. While it does serve a legal purpose in the medical world, it is commonly abused by professional athletes, bodybuilders and those who are ageing and experiencing a loss of muscle mass and endurance. Humatrope works by binding itself to natural hormone receptors that exist on the body's cells. By doing so, it can either increase the overall mass of the muscle, or cause the cells of the muscle to multiply. It stimulates lipid and glucose metabolism, which aids in decreasing a person's body fat percentage, and increases both skeletal muscle and bone growth, which aids in bulking up. The dosage used is dependent upon the individual's personal goals and physical condition.


Humatrope is generally distributed in bottles that contain five milligrams of hGH. For fat loss it is recommended that humatrope be injected in increments of 2.5 to 3 i.u. a day, seven days a week. It should be used for a period of at least four months to achieve desired fat loss results, and if after a two month period no noticeable change has taken place, the dosage can be increased to between 4 and 5 i.u.'s a day. In the case of increasing muscle mass for bodybuilding, the recommended dose is 3 to 6 i.u. a day, sometimes twice a day if the user feels its needed. There are, however, some professional bodybuilders and athletes who inject 10 to 12 i.u. a day for a period of ten to fifteen weeks.


One thing to keep in mind before using humatrope is that using too high of a dose can cause carpal tunnel syndrome, while using too little will prove to be ineffective. It is also an injectable substance, which may cause swelling or pain at the injection site. If the user is finding this to be the case for them, cutting down from twice daily injections to once daily may help. Also, injecting humatrope on a five days on, two days off schedule may reduce irritation as well.


Humatrope is available by prescription only, which means that bodybuilders and athletes usually have to locate a doctor who is willing to write a prescription for a non-medical condition, or purchase their supplies through the Internet which may be illegal. The dangers associated with this is that they are not receiving proper dosing information which could lead to numerous adverse side effects. These include an increase in everything, including their intestines, which over time may result in an increase in the size of their stomach. Some of the more rare side effects include abdominal pain, bloating and joint or muscle pain. Before using humatrope, seek as much professional medical advice as possible about the right dose for you.