The Sims 3 Ambitions: How to Get Photos Into Your Portfolio

The "Sims 3: Ambitions" expansion pack adds several new jobs to "The Sims 3." Two of these jobs, the Stylist and the Architectural Designer, have portfolios your Sim must build to advance in his career.

Photos of successful jobs make up the portfolio, but only those photographs the game prompts you to take at the end of a job well done go into the portfolio. Photos the Sim takes on his own for freelance work, even if done during business hours, go into his inventory, but do not add to the portfolio.

Start "The Sims 3" and open the household that contains a Sim with the Stylist or Architectural Design profession.

Click the "Careers" tab on the game control panel to check the Sim's business hours.

Watch for notices in the upper right corner of the screen that alert your Sim to new jobs during business hours. When the Sim first joins one of these professions, one job appears per day. As he increases his skills, multiple job opportunities appear in a single day.

Click the "Perform Job" button to start the job. Your Sim will automatically travel to the job location and begin working.

Review the client's requirements list in the floating window that appears when the Sim starts a new job. As you complete the client's requests for an architect design project, ticks appear next to the different items to help track the progress. In the stylist job, a list of required makeover items appears to remind you what outfits the client wants and how many.

Click the check mark button to exit the stylist makeover tool, or click the "Live Mode" button to exit the Build/Buy screens on the architect job, when you have completed all the items on the client's list.

Watch and listen as the client reacts to the job results. Clapping hands and cheering is a good sign. Crying, moaning and stamping feet is not.

Watch for a pop-up "Congratulations!" window that announces your Sim has done an excellent job and can take a photo for his portfolio. Click the check mark button to confirm the message and enter camera mode.

Use the mouse to position the camera lens on the client who received the makeover or on the room that received the renovation. Press the mouse button to snap the photo. A message window notifies you that the photo has been added to the portfolio and how full the portfolio is.