How Can I Get Rid of All the Duplicate Photos on My Computer?

Hemera Technologies/ Images

Duplicate photos can take up a serious amount of space on your hard drive, causing your computer to work slower and freeze on occasion. Duplicates usually end up on your computer as a result of plugging in the same digital camera or memory card twice without erasing the pictures on the camera from the last upload.

There is a simple way you can get rid of these excess images without having to manually sort through all of your photos.

Download picture management software that can remove the images for you. There are several programs you can use, such as Picasa, Visipics and DupliFinder.

Open the program. Import all of your picture folders.

Use the program's duplicate picture finding tool. If you have trouble finding this option, open your web browser and search for tutorials on how to use the duplicate finding tool in your particular program.

Delete all the duplicate photos.