How to Draw a Church Window

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A church can have any type of window, but many people visualise intricate, colourful stained-glass windows found in many churches. These particular church windows, because of their artistic characteristics, can be ideal subject matter for any artist who wishes to capture church windows in their drawings.

Draw a large arch on your drawing surface. This is the outer edge of the window. Connect the arch with a horizontal line at the bottom of the arch. This is the outer frame of your window. Draw a second arch just inside the first one, following the path of the first one exactly. This will create a window with a frame around it.

Draw a series of lines inside the window, leaving the space between the two sets of arch lines free of any pencil work. These lines can be anywhere you want, as many as you want and in any shape you want. You are simply creating random designs to colour in a stained glass effect. Draw a cross or an angel somewhere in the design to bring out the religious aspect.

Colour the space between the two sets of arch lines brown. Apply the colour with light, angled strokes, then add some black colour pencil over the brown to help give the appearance of wood.

Colour your designs with red, yellow, blue, orange and green coloured pencils to create a vividly coloured stained glass look. Use your finger to smudge and blend the colours to help enhance this effect.

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