How to Reheat Seafood Stew

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Light in flavour and delicate in texture, seafood is prized for the very characteristics that make it difficult to cook. When combining different seafood into one pot for a stew, however, the cooking process is even more difficult. With shellfish like mussels and clams requiring vastly different cooking times than salmon and halibut, components must be added to the pot at different times to achieve optimum results. When reheating stew, protecting the texture of the seafood becomes even more important and difficult.

Pour stew into a pot over medium or medium-low heat.

Stir the stew enough to distribute heat throughout, but gently enough not to break up the more delicate components. It will be difficult not to break up pieces of fish, but keep them as intact as possible.

Bring stew to a boil and immediately transfer to bowls. Boiling will kill off bacteria, but too much time will overcook the fish.

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