How to convert rar to srt

RAR is an archive file format used to store other file types inside itself. Zipping files into RAR is an effective way to group them together if there are many of them, and also to compress their file size to make it easier to store them. An SRT file is a subtitle type used to display captions in movies. If you have an SRT file stored inside of a RAR, you'll need to convert and decompress the RAR before you can fully use the SRT.

Download and install WinZip (see Resources). (WinZip is free to use as a demo for a month trial period.) Double-click the RAR file you want. A box containing files appears. Click and drag the SRT file to your desktop to convert and decompress it.

Visit WobZip (see Resources). Click "Browse" to upload the RAR file. Click "WobZip!" to convert it to the SRT inside. Click the SRT link to download it to your computer.

Download and install WinRAR (see Resources). (WinRAR is free to use.) Right-click on the RAR. Select "Extract here." The RAR converts to SRT and appears in the same folder.

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