How to Draw an Amusement Park

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Drawing an amusement park is a simple project to complete as an assignment for school, or just for fun. Amusement park artwork commands a lot of detail; it isn't about simply sketching a roller coaster or Ferris wheel, but adding in important, realistic elements such as rest rooms, restaurants and shops. Using a large piece of paper and basic art supplies, you can map out your ideal amusement park and maybe inspire new ideas.

Sketch out very lightly in pencil where you plan to place things in your amusement park drawing. You may choose to have one area for rides, another area for restaurants or a food court, one area for shops, etc. If you would like to draw a more realistic amusement park layout, these things will all be intertwined throughout the sketch, perhaps with themed sections, but not isolating different features.

Research your local county or city ordinances to find out legal requirements for your amusement park, such as how many public rest rooms, employee rest rooms and drinking fountains there must be to keep your amusement park within the confines of the law. The OSHA website (see Resources) is a great place to start such research. Mark out employee areas along the perimeter of your sketch, complete with details such as break rooms, bathrooms and lockers.

Draw your larger attractions in pencil, i.e., roller coasters, Ferris wheel, spinning rides, carousel, or whatever else you envision having in your park. Sketch some kids' rides with no minimum height requirements, as well as some truly thrilling rides like a twisting and turning coaster with a surprise element. Be as creative as you'd like with this, or research online to do a mock up of your favourite theme park roller coaster.

Draw in stores and restaurants. Add in smaller details like food or souvenir stands, as well as eating areas. Remember to stick to each area's theming if you have decided to do a theme park. If you are doing a more traditional, straightforward amusement park, include basics like hot dog and popcorn stands, instant photo booths and a souvenir shop.

Outline each part of your amusement park drawing with a fine tipped or standard permanent marker. Colour in each area with markers, poster paint or whatever else you feel inspired to use. The more colour you use, the more eye catching your amusement park will be. Allow the final drawing to dry, and then add the title of your park, along with any other info, to the bottom of the poster board.

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