How to unclog a urinal

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Urinals are commonly found in two places: men's rest rooms and unisex rest rooms. If you are in charge of keeping a company rest room clean and in good working order, then at some point you might be faced with a clogged urinal. When this happens, stay calm. Unclogging a urinal is no different than removing a clog from any other type of drain, and can be easier to unclog than a toilet.

Remove the drain covering from the inside of the urinal by taking out the screws with a screwdriver.

Add a few inches of water to the inside of the clogged urinal.

Place a plunger over the drain inside the urinal and give it several strong thrusts. This can remove clogs that are close to the drain's surface.

Insert a drain auger cable if the plunger doesn't work. Crank the auger to insert the cable slowly.

Stop cranking when you feel the cable hit the clog. Crank a little more so the cable can attach to the clog.

Pull out the drain auger cable by cranking the opposite way. The clog will come out, too.

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