How to Remove a 28 Mbar Regulator From a Gas Bottle

Many outdoor grills and camping heaters use butane instead of propane for fuel. Butane bottles for these types of appliances require a 28Mbar regulator. Unlike a propane tank, butane tanks do not have a valve to open and close the fuel supply. The regulator attaches to the tank and serves as the open and close valve.

Removing a 28Mbar regulator from a gas bottle depends upon what type you have. The two main types of 28 Mbar regulators are clip-on regulators and the standard screw type.

Extinguish the flame on your appliance before removing the regulator. Shut off all burners and control knobs. Find the "On/Off" knob on your regulator. Screw-type regulators usually have a round knob, while clip-on type regulators have a switch valve.

Turn the round knob clockwise to shut off the fuel supply. Continue turning the knob until it no longer turns. Turn the compression nut connecting the regulator to the gas bottle counterclockwise with an adjustable wrench, if the regulator mounts to the side. Turn the entire regulator counterclockwise, if the unit attaches on top of the gas bottle. Remove the regulator completely from the gas bottle.

Rotate the switch valve to the "Off" position, if you have a clip-on regulator. Some switch valve have a separate lever that you pull away from the main switch to unlock and turn the valve. The regulator will appear loose when you place the regulator in the "Off" position.

Turn the switch to the "Disconnect" position with your fingers. Push the switch while holding onto the hose connection. The ring under the regulator moves with the switch and disconnects the regulator from the gas bottle. Lift the regulator away from the bottle.