How to Put a Line Through a Word When Typing on Facebook

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Placing a line through written text on Facebook requires using a type of code compatible with the field in which you're typing. This means you can strike through a word when typing in Facebook's Notes area by using HTML code, but not in the status or comment areas because these do not accept HTML coding.

The best way to get stricken-through wording in these areas is through Unicode characters. These characters include a line through each individual letter as an integral part of the letter itself. Facebook cannot generate these Unicode characters natively, so for that method you need a third-party converter.

Click the Notes area on your Facebook page, and begin a new note or open an existing note in Edit mode.

Insert your cursor directly in front of the word you want to draw a line through.

Type "" without the quotation marks but including the angle brackets. You do not need a space between the closing angle bracket and the word.

Insert your cursor directly after the word you want to strike through.

Type "" without the quotation marks but with the angle brackets. The slash tells the computer that the code is closed so your following text does not appear with a line through it.

Save your note. The HTML code you typed in should disappear, and the word should have a line through it when you view the note in reading mode.

Visit a free online Unicode strikethrough converter website, such as Herp Tools' Unicode Strikethrough Text Tool or Adam Varga's Unicode Strikethrough Text Tool (see Resources).

Type the word you want to draw a line through into the text entry field or box.

Click the button beneath the text entry field to convert your text into Unicode characters.

Highlight the resulting Unicode characters and press "Control" and "C" simultaneously to copy them ("Command" and "C" for Mac).

Click inside your Facebook status field or anywhere else on Facebook you want to insert your stricken-through word. Press "Control" and "V" simultaneously to paste the code into your Facebook page ("Command" and "V" for Mac).